Best 9 of Instagram for 2015

So thanks to I got to see what my top IG posts were! So I thought it would be fun to go through those with y'all on here! :)

This one didn't really surprise me! You all really seemed to like them, and gave a great response! I really liked how they came out too! Check out the tutorial if you missed it here.

These were so much fun to do! I love being inspired by actual sunsets so this mani was super fun! I am so glad y'all liked it! If y'all missed it check here to see it!

Wow, the top 3 are tutorials! Guess I should continue them eh? ;) Honestly these were not my favorite, so I was super shocked by the amount of people liking it! Missed it? Check it here.

Again another post I didn't care for! So funny how that works out! This had a tutorial too but looks like y'all just liked the photo more! ;) So check out the full blog post here.

Ahh! Nail Art Fashion Week was so much fun! These are probably my 2nd fave from that week so that's fun to see it in the top 9! Especially when that was so long ago! Big jump back in time here.

Biggest surprise of all in the top 9 for sure! Check them out here if you missed them! They were just up last week!

I did these as a collaboration with a few of my wonderful IG friends and they turned out way better than I had expected! I really do love these! Go see the full collab here.

These were so fun and I started them with no real idea of what I was doing! Check the tutorial out here and you will see what I mean!:)

Can't go wrong with a Christmas mani! Do y'all remember this one? It wasn't to Long ago! You can find the tutorial here.

Well that is the top 9! So funny to see what ones make it! Some of these were not what I would of expected! What about you! Was your favorite in this bunch!?

Happy New Years Eve!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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