New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve Lovelies!! Hope you are having a wonderful day, and hope you all stay awake late enough to see the ball drop!! Plus the line up for Rockin New Years Eve looks pretty amazing! So today I actually have gotten some of my IG friends together and we have done black & gold themed Manis! Thought it would fun to get people together, plus working with this bunch is so fun! Literally I have the best IG nail Friends!! First up Solo Pics!

For this look I used Zoya Willa, my favorite standby black. :) The golden glitter is Serendipity Nail Polish Star Fish Tree Topper. I actually reviewed it a few weeks ago. You can check that out here!! The Dotticure part was done with 2 sizes of dotters, then the stars were done with a Star Vinyl from Twinkled T which y'all can check out their vinyls here

I freehanded (obviously) the 2016 with acrylic paint. It didn't turn out so well and with top coat it looks a bit funny sue to shiny glare. 

Over all I am really happy with how these turned out. Plus they were fun to do as well which is always a good thing!! 

Guess what?! I also made a tutorial!! Surprised myself on that one!! So check it out below!

The IG version is going to feature one of my favorite songs of 2015! ;) I love music, picking favorites is hard tho especially when you like so much!!

Next up is the collab Photo!

Everyones nails turned out great! Plus I just love this group, I have some of the best Nail Friends for sure!! :) Be sure to check all of them out here...

Well that is all for 2015! Hope you are all having a great NYE and I wish you all a happy and safe New Year! Talk to yall in 2016! :) Let me know what you all thought of todays posts and what your resloutions are for 2016! :)

Happy New Years!

~25 Sweetpeas


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