China Glaze Mix & Mingle + Glittery Tips!

Hey there everyone! So I know this is a bit out of routine posting time! Yet I did have a Top 12 Blog Posts of 2015 up earlier! That was super fun to go see which ones were the top ones by the month! I plan on doing a similar one for top Instagram Posts! So that will be fun as well! Today I have another China Glaze from the Cheers line!

This is 2 coats of Mix & Mingle and I am just loving the creamy purpleness! It's so fun! The formula is a bit watery but it self levels and evens out nicely! 2 coats worked great and I think it's just such a fun color! I am curious to see what it looks like compared to Creative Fantasy! It's been awhile since I have used that one but I think it may be similar! I guess I will just have to see and let y'all know!

It dries really nice and shiny too! I always wear top coat either way but still it's nice to know sometimes! ;) This photo actually has not top yet because as you will see soon there is more to this look!

Ok now we can move on to the art part! First up here is what it looks like and then I will share the tutorial!

All I did for this is use a sponge and add Brand Sparkin New Year to the tips of my nails! It was super easy and looks nice on! With glitters on the edge tho it can hang off and snag. My suggestion to help that is just to run your finger along the edge of your nail while wet so any odd glitters won't stick off your nail! :)

This could be done in SO many color combos too!! I even feel like this would be a great NYE mani, I feel like really any glitter is great for it!:)

Well that is all for this post! Hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you all liked the tutorial as well! Let me know what you all thought below! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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