Top 12 Posts of 2015

Wow! So this is the last week of 2015, where did the year go!? This year blogging wise has been amazing. I opened my blog Janurary 21st, and I am soo happy I did. I absolutely LOVE running this blog and its really just made me so happy! So today I thought I would share the top post by month which means the Top 12. I went back and found out which ones had the most views and came up with this so lets get to it! :)

Top Post of January: Sweater Weather Nails

January only had 6 posts in all but this one ended up with the most views and I will have to say I agree with it being a top post. I was/am still very proud of this look. It does make me a bit bummed though because I don't have this grey any more. After taking notes and remembering things, I linked this polish to the cause of certain headaches. I recently decided to get rid of it. To go back and see this original post you can right here.

Top Post of February: My Nail Care Routine

I remember working on this post! It was a fun one to make and I was so excited to post it. I have since changed my routine and I plan on putting out an updated version of my Nail Care Routine out soon! These all are still things I use so if you never saw this post you can check it out here.

Top Post of March: NAFW 2015 Day 5

Nail Art Fashion Week was so much fun to be apart of and this one was the most popular and my favorite too! They were inspired by Meghan Trainor as you can see above! These nails were just SO much fun and I was so happy with them afterwards. :) If you missed this post I suggest you check it out here.

Top Post of April: Takko Lacquer Swatches and Review 4

This post was apart of my first time ever reviewing for Takko Lacquer and I am so happy this made one of the top posts! :) Takko Lacquer is amazing and I am so happy I got the pleasure of working with Sheryl starting in April! :) This post, Kiss in the Sky, truly is a beauty. :) If you missed it check it out here!

Top Post of May: Zoya Swatch and Review

Ok I will be completely honest. I am SUPER surprised this was a top post! I was so disappointed with the way the art came out. I absolutely loved the color but the art was just not what I had in mind. I guess this just proves that we are all our own worst critics. Something I have leaned this year is to not hold back when you are doubting yourself. I had many manis this year that I was not happy with yet they ended up being loved by all my viewer. So don't be too hard on yourself. I need to keep that in mind myself. It can be hard to do, and I know we all will still doubt ourselves. Lets just try to be less hard on ourselves. Now go check this out and let me know with yall think. It is a flop like I thought! :) You can see for yourself here.

Top Post of June: Firework Watching

So happy these are in the Top! I will have to say I think these are my top Fourth of July nails ever. They were so much fun to do and to wear. Plus I was very proud of them and that is a great feeling. If y'all never saw the post for these you can here.

Top Post of July: Zoya Naked Manicure

I had no clue how popular this post actually was until I was compiling all of this data for this post. This post is the most viewed EVER to this date on my blog which is just WOW! I was a bit nervous no one would even read the post since it was more of a informative post but I was really wrong at that. Zoya even featured this post which is a BIG deal for me, because Zoya is a top brand and a favorite of mine so that really just made me so happy. Its one thing to write a blog post and have it do so well, and then out of no where have the actual brand like the post and feature it is just a bit crazy. Will have to say it was a wow moment for the year. Really this year had some really big wow moments! ;) Now to check out the orignial post on the Naked Manicure you can here , and you can see the Zoya feature here.

Top Post of August: Urban Outfitter Swatch & Review: Marsala

Marsala was definitely the color of the year and one of my favorites too! :) I really would love to make a post for my Top Polishes of 2015, but I really don't even know where to begin. I do know a marsala would for sure show up. Maybe even this one here.

Top Post of September: National Coffee Day

September to me was jsut one of the best months art wise. I took part of the #31DC2015 challenge and it pushed me to try new things and I really feel like within just a month I improved a lot! These National Coffee Day nails were so fun! I did theme with a Starbucks color theme although just now it reminded me of Friends and the Central Perk! LOL!! Love that show! If you missed these you can check out all of the details here.

Top Post of October: Candy Corn Tribal

I loved these! I am not much into Halloween, like when Halloween manis are over I am always SO happy! :) These I just loved because they are just different. They still have a Halloween coloring to them but the tribal was fun and just so satisfying when they were done. If you missed these check out here.

I took a chance with this post and put together a fun post full of ideas of what to get a beauty lovers. I even added in sales and promo codes. It was a time consuming but I loved it and really it even helped me. When it comes to Christmas shopping I always love to get a good deal. Also with this post I even branched out of just Nail Polish. Which is something I would like to do more often. I am a huge beauty lover besides just nails. I love makeup and I would love to be able to share good makeup deals with you all from time to time. :) If that would be something you all would be interested in. So let me know your thoughts on that! :)

Top Post of December: BIG NEWS!

Thrilled that this one is a top post because all year this was the post I was post excited to post! It was the first announcement of the release of 2 polishes I designed with Takko Lacquer. Which is a big deal, a huge deal, and still I can't believe it happened. I am still so happy when I see people comment on and now people who ordered it are getting it and its just SO exciting! If you have Ocean Glitter or Sweetpeas let me know I would love to feature you all using it! If you missed this announcement check it out here. Also be watching for a restock date coming next month! ;)

That is it! The top 12 posts of this year! Now to find out..What was your favorite of these and what types of posts do you want to see more of in 2016? It really has been a great year! So many big and exciting things! Can't wait to see what happens in the polish world of 2016! 

~25 Sweetpeas


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