China Glaze Ugly Sweater Party

Morning everyone! I'm so excited about today's post! There is nothing "Ugly" about Ugly Sweater Party by China Glaze. It is stunning!

This was just 2 coats! It's a pink tinted base filled with gorgeous pink glitter along with purple and hint of other rainbow glitter variations and well I just love it!

Here I feel like you can see more of the variation! I am also going to post one of those fun blurry videos on Instagram so y'all can see all the glitters! Blurry glitter videos are always fun right! ;) I mean I know how weird that sounds but really they are great! So check that out later today!

China Glaze is really impressing me with this line! I haven't been this excited for a line of theirs in awhile, and I really feel like this is one of their best ones, yet I feel like  their Holiday Collections are always on point!

I literally can't stop looking at my nails! They are just that fun!

This is what I am having on for he #themedthursdayDec Sunday edition Sparkle these!! It's sparkly enough right? Or is there such a thing! Also if you want this in your collection but can't find it IN stores, I suggest getting it on HB Beauty Bar.


Decided to add some art AND I made a tutorial as well! I am trying to get back into making tutorials so lets start with that here..

Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and now here is a full look at the final look. :)

Hope you all like it! Any requests for new videos let me know below and also be sure to go and subscribe to my channel to see when they come out before they are even posted here! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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