What I wore on my nails for Christmas

Hey y'all! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas yesterday. I had a lovely time! All went by too fast! Today I will be sharing the actual look I had on yesterday! 

It actually ended up matching my Christmas PJs which I had no clue what they looked like when I did my nails! So that is neat. For this look I used China Glaze Better Not Pout and China Glaze Bring on the Bubbly. 

This is just one coat of Better Not Pout, and it's beautiful! I am amazed it only needed one coat too! Super impressive because with most colors like this you need at least two! So a very good surprise. :)

Really I am just obsessed with this color! It's not like anything I have at all so it's nice to see something new. Plus I don't feel like this is one you would expect in a holiday line. Which makes me excited, you?

I took a lot of photos of it too! It just looks so nice on! 

Now on to more photos of it with the golden glitter which is Bring on the Bubbly. It's such a lovely mix of glitters! It would be PERFECT for a New Years look which makes me happy because glitter is fun and apparently I have a thing for golden glitters!

The base to glitter ratio is nice too. It is a bit runny so for doing this gradation I used a dotting tool and filled it in! 

All of these polishes are from HB Beauty Bar so if you are interested in grabbing some of these you can here. Also if you use Seche Vite Base/Top HB Beauty Bar  is my favorite place to get it! Plus there is typically a 15% off and so it's all just great! ;) Well I hope y'all like these nails! I have really been enjoying wearing them! They just look so classy on! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. This glitter gradient is really pretty - I love this look!

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying it! :) Its such a fun look to wear! :)


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