Christmas Baking Nail Art

Press Sample

Hey there everyone! So yes I have two posts today!! This post is a 2 in one! We have an art look and a swatch, so first up is the real quick swatch.

This Stop & Stare which is a Gelogic polish by Pretty Woman Polish. This was one coat. I really liked the formula on this one. It went on really nicely, and was just easy to work with.

I was disappointed a bit when I took it off though because there was a bit of staining. I have seen worse but there was some so I wanted to make sure and tell y'all! Soooo.... Art! ;) 

I went for a baking theme! We have an apron, some cookie cutters, whisks and some fun iced Chrifas Cookies. All was free handed with acrylic paint and my favorite Berry Wine Brushes from Winstonia.

They are a bit different but they are fun I think! They were fun to do at least!

So what do you all think? Are the fun and festive enough!? I love Christmas Cookies! My favorites are Linzer Torts cookies! They are so good! What is your favorite?!

To find this polish head over to Pretty Womans Shop here.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Let me know what you all think of these, and your favorite cookie!;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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