Pretty Woman Nude Collection Part 2

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Hello there guys! So trying to get all caught up! So today I the last two I have to swatch for the Pretty Woman Nude Collection! I will have some more pretty woman polishes up later this week as well! I really want to do more holiday nail art but the colors I am reviewing at the moment I just don't see as Christmas mani colors! That all being said I will do my best to get to Christmas manis ASAP! They are my favorites of the year!!

First up is Cherry Bean which to me seems like a purple toned mauve. The first coat was very streaky but the 2nd coat got me up to full coverage. So the formula on this was pretty nice, and 2 coats did very nicely. You do have to be careful how you apply, I did not find it to be a self leveling polish so depending on how thick or thin you apply it may or may not be enough with 2 coats.

It's a very nice mauve for those of you who can pull off a mauve. I kind of feel like with my skin tone it makes my fingers look dirty, but I would love to see someone with a different skin tone try this one out!

I did add a top coat so these pictures are too coated. However it did dry shiny as well. 

Now it's time for Strawberry Cream. I want to start off by saying I really really liked this color, I had high hopes for this color because colors like this tend to be ones that take a ton of coats. So for the current way you are seeing it in the photo is 4 coats. The first coat was streaky, the second one didn't do anything. The streaks were still there, so I tried a 3 and it did get a bit better but I could still see the streaks. Now a while back I asked you all and you said if a polish is more than 3 coats you are just done! Which I fully agree with! Yet I really wanted to get this polish up to it full opacity! I made it to 4 coats and that's what you see here! I personally feel like I can still see streaky bits. What about you guys?

I feel like the index finger streaks can really be seen.

Overall out of these two I would have to say Cherry Bean would be my favorite. 2 coats is a nice amount and the mauve color is nice! What do you all think?

Now both of these polishes are on sale now right here for those of you who are interested. Also right now there is Free Shipping on all orders on their site. Which is wonderful! I am not a fan of going to purchase something online and then having the shipping be more than the item you are getting so that is wonderful! :) Also to keep up with all things Pretty Woman Nail polish you can find them at all of the places below.


Hope you have all enjoyed this post and check back soon for some fun festive polishes from Pretty Woman Polish! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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