Dashing through the Snow Mani

Hello! So today's mani is definitely something I have never done before which makes it kind of fun. Last year it was my first year of Christmas in a tropical climate, at first it was a bit weird but I really actually like it! Last year was also the first year I actually saw cars driving around with trees on top! It was so movie like and fun! Every trims we would go out we counted how many we saw! This year we are doing the same, its like a new tradition! ;) With all of that I decided to pull from that and create this fun mani. 

I saw a cute print on Pinterest of a Car with a tree on top in snow and just thought it was cute! So I added in some hills and made it look like they were going into a snow storm. Or just snow, how ever you like to look at it will work! ;)

The cobalt blue base is Zoya Ling. Just one coat and then the art! All of the art was free handed with acrylic paint and my Berry Wine brushes from Winstonia. :) 

Not many pictures, sorry! Also really quickly I'm so sorry about the lack of tutorials! I hope to get back to it soon! I do love them! This time of year is just super busy, but with these detailed ones it's just harder to film. Well I hope you all enjoyed this look, and I can't wait to hear what you all think. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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