Themed Thursday: Gingerbread

Hello there guys! I know this blog post title is a bit misleading, it is not Thursday, it's Sunday you are all right! ;) #themedthursdayDec is just the name of the Challange and this is the Sunday Edition that was added to the challenge this month! So far this month we have had PresentsChanukah, and Lights as a theme. Those were all fun but today is hands down my favorite thus far! You know when you have an idea and really want to do it?  Typically those don't work out but today is a rare occasion because it worked plus I added some little detail above and beyond my original idea! So I am SUPER excited about today's nails. I feel like they are my best work for this month for sure. I love Christmas nail art!! Ok on to the pictures!

Ahh I love these! I almost feel bad that I like these so much! I know that sounds a bit odd. I just had SOOO much fun doing these. So let's talk some details! The light blue base color is Zoya Blu, and the brown is Sinful Colors Nirvana. Which if you need a "gingerbread" brown or coffee/hot chocolate colored polish this is the one! All of the details were done with with acrylic paint, besides the Gingerbread man. He was done with the Sinful Colors I used for the house and I used the Twinkled T gingerbread man vinyl off their Holiday sheet for the body shape. All of the details on him I did. 

Tool wise I used a few Berry Wine Brushes, a few varied Nail dotting tools, and then my tiny nail dotter from Twinkled T. My favorite part of this is probably the house just because I loved decorating it. I first decided it needs a wreath and then I added Garland and lights and I just couldn't help myself. I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights/decor. I think that is why I had SOO much fun doing these! Literally just after adding the bow to the wreath I was so happy! Seems silly I know. ;) Yet these detailed nails are probably my favorite type to do. I feel like you just feel so accomplished after you finish. Well as long as it comes out like you had hoped, or better than hoped! ;) I feel like the last one I was this excited about was Snoop on Thanksgiving did you all see those? If you missed them check them out here.

Fun fact about the trees and Garland I used 2 shades of green. I feel like doing that really made them. They seem so silly and flat with just one green. So try that some time! I also added white on the trees too to stand for snow! :)

Well I really hope you all like these! I feel like starting detailed art after doing swatch and simple art can be so daunting and intimidating but now that these have been done I feel like it's the beginning for more Christmas nail art! Yay!! Can't wait to hear what y'all think!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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