Takko Lacquer Swatch & Review: Daydreaming

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Hey guys! So today I have a review for you of a brand new Takko Lacquer named Daydreaming. It will be released next Wednesday along with a few more polishes one of those being Ocean Glitter and I will be sharing more on that very soon along with swatches of some other new colors that are being released! If you missed yesterdays post you must check it out here.

Daydreaming is a lovely periwinkle/lavender that is full of pink and teal/green shimmer. It was a two coater, and the formula on this one was a bit thick but not too bad! Plus it is down right gorgeous! 

Here is a fun picture where you can see the shimmer in it more so! :) I have a few bottles pics and will probably post some of those on Instagram for you guys! This polish is really just lovely! I even added some art on top! 

Since to be this was a bit of a wintery color rather then a Christmas screaming polish I decided to use a light pink and paint on some snowflakes, and I even made a Tutorial which will be linked later on in today's post! 

I am seriously LOVING this color! It's so unique from any color I have and the shimmer is just right not to much, not to little, just right! :)

Now tutorial time! ;)

This polish will be live on December 9th along with Ocean Glitter, more NEW polishes and a restock of the fall colors!   For all of the latest Takko Lacquer Updates keep up with theme at all of the below links!


Hope you all liked these nails and I hope you liked the tutorial as well! Can't wait to hear what ya'll think of this new color too! I am LOVING it! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Periwinkle usually isn't one of my faves, but this one is gorgeous. Love the glitters.

    1. Aw! Yay!! So glad you like it! Its such a pretty polish and really I just love wearing any Takko Polish. When I remove it my nails look healthier than ever. I for sure do think the fact they are infused with Vitamin E helps alot! :)


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