Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer: Holos

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Hey there guys! Yesterday I shared some thermals from Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer and today I have some holos to share! If you missed yesterday's you can check it out here. Now bring on the holos!

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Here we have 2 coats of Fools Gold. It's a pearly finish that has holo mixed in! It's a fun color! Hard to capture on camera but pretty!

It's a yellowy gold, and I don't really think I've seen any pearly polishes with holos in it so that's fun and makes this Fools Gold unique! With this one you do have to watch for streakyness because of the pearlyness.

Now we have 3 coats of Midnight Madness which is a black holo. It could be more of a Charcoal holo with just 2 coats for something different. Also if you aren't feeling up to 3 coats, you could just do a black creme under and a coat of this! So versatile. :)

It's really pretty! There is something about black holos that are just so fun. Plus it pictures nicely. 

Lastly we have 2 coats of Chi Money.  This one is super fun! This is a peridot like green which is Augusts birthstone! So for any Augusts birthdays out there this would be perfect for you! :)

Out of the three I think this one is probably my favorite! It's just like the perfect green holo! So what do you all think? What is your favorite of the 3?  Also be sure to check out the Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer below.


Happy Painting!

~25  Sweetpeas


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