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Hello there everyone! Today for you I will be sharing some fun polishes from a new to me brand names Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer. Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer is 5-free and each bottle of polish is handmade, and can be found on their Etsy store here. Today I will be sharing 2 thermals with you! One is in the shop now and the other maybe coming soon! So now let's look at these fun thermals!

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First up I have my favorite of the two which is a green thermal that shifts to a icy green like color when hot! So first up here is the full 3 coats at room temperature. 

It has a really nice shimmer to it plus there is a hint of holo too which is fun! This is the one that is not up in the shop yet, so please let me know what you all think of this so I can pass that along!

Now let's look at what it looks like in hot water!

Not a huge transition but I really like this color! It has a lot of shimmer and that is something just super fun to have in a thermal polish! Now I must know! What do you all think of this color? Here are the two looks you get with it side by side!

Now let's go on to the next thermal which is an Orange that's shifts to a nude color. In its description it actually says it's orange to green but to me it's a nude shade! So let me show you!

Here is it with 3 coats and top coat at room temperature. It's a really nice fall orange! I feel like this would be great for a pumpkin design and or a fall leaves look. Really just anything fall! :)

Now here it is in hot water! I definitely feel like this is a cream or nude color! What about you so you agree!? It's a fun transition! You can see it changing in the next picture!

Now I decided to combine the two polishes and do some super simple nail art! I used the orange as the base and the free for the dots!

I have also complied all of this into a video so you can check that out below and see what this looks like in hot water!

Well that is all for this post! Hope you all enjoyed it! Would love to hear which polish was your favorite! Also be sure to check out the Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer below.


Check back tomorrow for some holo swatches from Ah-Ha Nail Lacquer!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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