Deco Miami Swatch & Review : Petite Palm

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Hey guys! So today I have the last installment of these Deco Miami posts and I am in love with the last color which is Petite Palm.

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This is 2 coats and it is just lovely! I may have a slight obsession with minty colors! Not sure why! Plus on this one the name enough is loveable! I love Palm Trees.

What do you all think of this color? I love it! Plus the for formula was nice! 2 coats you can't really beat for a color like this. I did add some art to this as well, now let's take a look.

Was inspired by their bottles on this look! Then felt like it would be fun to add some dots using Don't Call Me Baby Girl. I do have a tutorial for this so you all can check that right here....

So what did you all think!? I didn't get a chance to do a voice over. Honestly you all probably like it with out! 

I took some fun pics with the fun packaging and the bottles that inspired this whole look. 

Well hope you all enjoyed today's post and the Desktop Must Have post as well!

Now if you are interested in checking out Deco Miami yourself you can here...


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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