Serendipity and Hearts

Press Sample

Hey there guys! So I've had this gradation idea stuck in my head for the past few days so I finally did it and added to it!

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So first off I started out with a white base. I used Urban Outfitters Optic white! One of my faves! Then one that was dry I used 3 Serendipity Polishes. First up near the cuticle is Peace Love & Sandy Feet, then Pink Poinsettia, and lastly Big Red Bow. After that I waited for it to dry and then on all but the heart finger used Holo-day Lights and created a bit of a glitter gradation.

Then on the heart nail I used a heart vinyl from Twinkled T and sponged Holo-day Lights on top! This part you can watch here in my tutorial!

What do you all think of the video? I did somethings differently! Always trying to improve! :)

I am really happy with how all of these worked together and I'm glad it actually spurned out like I had hoped! That's not something that happens often! ;D 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Hope to hear what you all thought. :) I am seriously just in love with these colors from Serendipity Nail Polish I mean I know these were from the Coastal Christmas line but I mean they work perfect together for Valentine's Day! 

Happy Painting!

~ 25 Sweetpeas 


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