Friday Favorites : Week 2

Hey there, it's Friday which mean it's time for a Friday Favorite! First up I have a swatch of a new color, then my favorite nail art brushes, and then some art with a tutorial! Very full post, so let's get to it! First up here is a new China Glaze

This is 2 coats of China Glaze Shut the Front Door and it is beautiful! I really love it! It's a bit watery but it was still super easy to work with. Plus the color is just so different than most and I love that it is different!

Click below for more....

It's just so pretty! What do you all think?

So next up I have my favorite brushes! A few months ago I bought Berry Wine Brushes from from Winstonia, and oh my! I feel like they just changed things! They are so fine and amazing! I have since ordered backups when they were on sale before Christmas.

These are by far the best brushes I have tried so far and I feel like I have tried. Now time for some mixed metal art!

A bit of an odd mix especially for me because I am not a big gold person. Yet I have realized over this past year I do like gold just not gold jewelry, silver jewelry is my thing. Now gold polish, gold dots and so on are my favorites!

All art was done with acrylic paint and the brushes I featured earlier in this post. Now here is a tutorial for one of these designs.

Well that is all for today post! Hope you all liked it and I hope you are having a great Friday!

Happy Weekend!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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