Themed Thursday : Penguin

Hello there guys, it's Thursday which means there is a theme for the #themedthursdayjan Challenge, and the theme is penguin! First up thought I have a swatch of a new China Glaze from the House of Colour line.

Click Below to find out more!

Meet In the Near Fuchsia which is a super fun pink/magenta. It's a bit watery but that just means you have to be careful when applying if you are one who does thick coats. It was completed opaque in 2 coats and dried pretty quick.

I am really liking it, and I feel like this really isn't like any pinks I have so that is good!

These pictures are pre top capt too, so you can tell it does dry shiny!

Now as for the art you already know it's going to be a penguin so let's take a look!

All of this little cutie was free handed with acrylic paint and my Berry Wine brushes from Winstonia. They were inspired by some cute cookies my mom showed me on Pinterest! Gotta love Pinterest for inspiration right!!

My favorite part of the penguin is the little pink on the cheeks but sadly that doesn't show up in the photos what so ever! Also I didn't film this look, it was just a bit to much for the type of design I was doing. 

Well I hope you all liked this post! If you are interested in picking up any of the new China Glaze I would suggest checking out HB Beauty Bar that is where I ordered this and a few others from! CG polishes are $5.25 there sometimes even less! Plus you can usually get a coupon too! :) 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. I don't know what it is but I am really into pink polishes lately! I already picked up three from the Hello Kitty collection, I'll probably pick this one up too! That penguin is so cute!

    1. This one is super nice! A bit watery but very manageable! I am typically a person who puts polish on thick so it was just a matter of not having as much on the brush!

  2. Wowza - I love this pink and your nail art is super cute!


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