Eyes 2 Nails: Mermaid Week

Hey y'all, welcome to Mermaid Week! This week both 1998 Beauty and I have some super fun pops of colors so let's get right into the pictures!

Today's look consists of 2 Zoyas, 1 Deco Miami and 3 Colour Pops. Zoya wise I have used Gilda , and Oceane. Then the base color of the mermaid tail nail is Deco Miami Champagne Mami. It's a super fun combo. Colour Pop wise 1998 Beauty used Ibiza, Nillionaire, and Slave2Pink.

Some of the makeup mentioned in the first little blurb! Now a look at the Eye Look!

Its so fun I love it!

I am really happy with how these looks turned out! For the mermaid scales I used a Twinkled T vinyl. Which you can see in my video below! Plus there are a few tips I mention!

Hope y'all liked that video! Now let's take a look at the makeup tutorial now!

 Hey guys! So this weeks look is super fun and colorful. I think it is perfect for a music festival or a fun summer day. I could totally see myself wearing this look during summer. I might skip the lower lash-line and just do a colorful wing for a more toned down look. Last week I said that the Eyes 2 Nails: Glittering Galaxy was my favorite, but this one has to be my favorite! 

Now Tutorial time!

Isn't it just gorgeous! Super fun! You could change out the lip color for all different occasions too! :)

Here is the up close of the major accent nail. :) I am really liking it.

Well that's it for this post! Hope y'all enjoyed it! Can't wait to start working on next weeks! It's so much fun working with 1998 Beauty! Be sure to keep up with her...


~ 25 Sweetpeas & 1998 Beauty


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