Pineapple Cutie Nail Art

Hey y'all! It's Thursday aka Friday Eve if y'all are looking forward to the weekend! Today I am super excited about my nails because I really like how they turned out! So let's take a look and get a big picture so y'all can hear the story behind them! :)

So this Pineapple Cutie was inspired by a cute beach towel I saw at Target. I love Target so much, and this towel was just too cute!! So base color wise I used China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely. This China Glaze I haven't seen in stores lately but I do know you can get it on HB Beauty Bar. The rest is acrylic paint! I used a dotter for the background. Then a Twinkled T brush for the big parts of the pineapple and a Berry Wine Winstonia brush for the smaller details.

I am really actually happy with how these turned out! It's one of those designs that when you start it you aren't sure it will actually turn out so the fact it did I'm just super happy! :)

I feel like this would make for a fun Spring Break look or just a fun summer look! I love white dots on neons in general. I actually have white dots on a neon even on my toes! ;)

Well I hope y'all liked this post as much as I like these nails! If you have any requests let me know below and they may just show up on here. :) Let me know what you all think of these too! Should I do more cutesy looks?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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