Tribal Stripe Nails

Hey there everyone! So today I am participating in a Surprise Birthday collaboration on Instagram, and since I'm not sure what time it's being share I'm not going to say who for! Just check Instagram! ;) I would hate to ruin the surprise! So for the collab we all recreated a mani by the birthday girl, now let's see my recreation!

For this look I used Deco Miami Petite Palm as my base. The art was done with acrylic paint and a few paint brushes I have for painting thugs besides nails! ;) 

It's a really fun look in my opinion, plus it's not that hard to do either! That's all I have for this post! For more on it check out Instagram and find about about this Birthday Collaboration! :) Hope y'all enjoyed this post.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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