Framed Cheetah Print Nails

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, so as I am sure most of you know.... Tonight the Grammy Awards are on, and I decided I would make my nails inspired by one of the nominees! That being said today's nails are inspired by Meghan Trainor, to be specific, an outfit from the Dear Future Husband video! I chose her and this song because for one I really want her to win, I like this song, I love the fact Charlie Puth is in the video, and I want him to win tonight too! So lots of reasoning! Now y'all wanna see more?

For this look I did what I am calling a framed cheetah print. It's nothing too unique but I just like how it seems to be a fresh look for cheetah print! Just adds a little something over all in my opinion! I used acrylic paint for all of the details and guess what?! I filmed it and y'all can watch that right here...

Now the base color for the cheetah print is Takko Lacquer Birthday Suit only one coat was needed, and I took some fun macro pics!

I love how there is holo in it! At first it just looks like a nice nude but up close there is holo!!!!

Ahh, macro shots are just wonderful for holo wouldn't you agree!? Now I do have a close up of the framed cheetah print too!

Now other polish wise.... The red is Serendipity Big Red Bow, and the blue is a nameless Color Club.

Now how about a look at the inspiration behind these nails?!

Pics Screen Shots form Dear Future Husband Video

Overall I am really happy with how these nails turned out! What do you all think? Also who else is excited for the music awards and the red carpet?!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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