Eyes 2 Nails: Spring Break 2016

Hey y'all! Welcome to another week of the Eyes 2 Nails series! This week we are focusing on the start of Spring Break season. 1998 Beauty and both live the sunshine state where a lot of people vacation too this month and next month we thought it would be good to start March out with a fun look for anyone going on Spring break. That or if you just like vibrant colors, or if you live where people vacation, or actually it would be a great look for a fun music festival too! Just so many reasons for this look! So let's get to it!

For me in the past when I would go on Spring Break I would always go neon and  happy! When I started doing nail art I would do more with neons like this gradation, or a fun cheetah, it always depended on the amount of time I had before leaving and how busy I was with other things! Now that I live in a place where I don't actually have to go anywhere besides the city in which I live in it makes it easier for me to do what ever I want for Spring Break. That all being said if you are cutting close on time pre leaving for your trip maybe do this design with a solid base instead and your palm trees! That way you still get a fun look and yet you will cut down on time! :) If you have time though this gradation is super fun! Before we get to the nail details lets take a look at what 1998 Beauty did! :)

Hey guys! So this week is super colorful and perfect for Spring Break!! I will admit that these three colors together terrified me because I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I love it! I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks #eyes2nails collab and hopefully y'all are excited for next week! 

I started with OPI Alpine Snow as my white base. Then I chose 3 Neon China Glaze for the gradation. I used Shocking Pink, That's Shore Bright, and Too Yacht to Handle. I seriously love CG neons! Plus if you want my little tip I find the best place to buy them is HB Beauty Bar! They have so so many, and great prices, and shipping isn't bad either! Then after all of that I topped it with a top coat just to get all of the colors fully blended and to give me a smooth surface for me to paint the palm trees on. If you want to add China Glaze Fairy Dust to add some sparkle you could do that here instead of a top coat. It will act as your top in the smoothing out department! After it dries I then used black acrylic paint and freehanded the palm trees on! I used a Twinkled T brush, and a Berry Wine brush as well! Then after that top it with your favorite top coat, I used Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

Now you know how to do the nails lets check out how to do the makeup!

Isn't this fun! 

Well I hope y'all like this look as much as I do! I honestly am not even ready to take it off! It's so much fun! Be sure to keep up with 1998 Beauty at all the places below...


~ 25 Sweetpeas & 1998 Beauty


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