ILNP XO Swatch

Hey y'all! Welcome back! Hope y'all e home yesterday's post! I really had a lot of fun with it, but now it's time to start March so let's start with this polish I have had since pre Christmas yet I haven't swatched for y'all yet!

Here is ILNP XO which is just stunning! It's supposively like Clockwork from the fall line! However in my opinion it's missing something for me to consider it being like Clockwork. It's gorgeous do t get me wrong but I wouldn't compare it to Clockwork. I think this one has bigger flakies and more at that. It's lovely and super fun! It's my favorite purple I own probably! :)

Here you really can see the holo and the flakies as you can in the next picture as well!

It's so pretty!! If you are a purple loved you need this! It's formula is really nice! 1-2 coats depending on thickness. The first time I used it I used 2 but this time my room was really cold (perfect for sleeping) and that changed it a bit, made it thick and therefore it was 1 coat this time. So just expect 1-2 coats! 

So the new ILNP is coming out in a few weeks! I already have my eye on one that just looks stunning! It's called Rolling Hills and it's like this one but it's mint! Which oh my I love mint!!!

Well I hope y'all enjoyed looking at these pics of XO! I always sing Johns Mayers cover of Beyonces song XO! Anyone else?! ;) Anywhoooo, hope y'all have a lovely day! So many fun things planned for this month, let me know what y'all would like to see!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. Looove that purple! Can I make an appointment???


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