Happy Easter : Easter Egg Nails

Happy Easter! Hope y'all are having a lovely day so far. Today j have gotten back with the Nail Art Squad and this time we have all done Easter Egg nails! So stay till the end of the post for that pic. For mine I went for a water color tribal Easter egg. Slightly reminds me of when you could use the clear waxy crayon than dip the egg in color and then those spots would still be white. Not exactly the same but let's go see an up close picture. :)

I am absolutely loving these and I don't want to take them off! They are just so fun! All I did was start with OPI Alpine Snow as my base color and then watered down acrylic paints and did a fun tribal. The great thing about this tribal is that if your lines weren't straight it was ok! That made it super fun to do!

It also turns the acrylic paints into more of a pastel color with is perfect for Easter since most associate pastels with Easter.

Now let's take a look at our group picture!

nail_art_inspirer (not this time)
Lacqueredmama (not this time )
properly_polished (not this time)
RockYourNails (not this time)

Our theme was to decorate like you would Easter Eggs which turned out to be fun and every ones nails came out great! :) Well I hope ya'll have a lovely Easter! I will see ya'll back here tomorrow for a fun new line I am swatching. :)

Happy Easter!

~25 Sweetpeas


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