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Hey guys, happy Monday! So today I am starting to share swatches of new polishes that Pretty Beautiful polish will be releasing on April 1st at 1pm CST. First up today I am showing you the Daddys Sweet Pea collection which she made for her daughters birthday. :) So let's get to the pictures!

Daddys Girl - a red leaning purple holo with UCC flakies

This is 3 coats of Daddys Girl. The formula was easy to work with. A bit thick at times but the nice type of thick. The 1st coat goes on very thin but the 2nd deepens the color a lot. I did thin coats so I had to do 3 to hide my nail line but I could easily see how this could be a 2 coater for some! :) 

Here are some macro shots so y'all can see the polish more in depth. It's really lovely and has a nice mixture of glitters and holo to make it super fun to wear.

Overall I really like this purple! It's fun and unique. :)

Sweet Pea -Slightly tinted purple and holo base with various sizes of purple, lavender, yellow, and gold glitters. 

Next up I topped it with one coat of Sweet Pea which is a fun glitter Topper. Since it is a topper it would take many coats to get it fully opaque so if you were wanting to wear it alone I would suggest sponging it on. That's how you will be get best coverage.

Here we have macro shots of it, and you can really see more of the individual glitters and it's just a super fun topper. I think next time I wear it I will put a cream base used and sponge it on.

It's such a fun look with these two together actually. Makes it super sparkly. ;)

Overall I like these both a lot! They are fun and unique. The formulas were nice and easy to work with. These two will be up for sale on the Pretty Beautiful site on April 1st at 1pm CST and you can keep up with them at all of the links below! 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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