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Hey y'all! Welcome back, so yesterday I had a little duo collection review up of Pretty Beautifuls Daddys Sweet Pea Collection and now today I have the Spring has Sprung Collection reviewed for you! Both of these are being release April 1st at 1PM CST. If you missed yesterday's review you can catch it here, and now it's time to get on to today's photo heavy post.

Rosy Days - a red leaning pink, slight metallic with silver and pink micro glitters

Rosy Days is a 2 coater and such a lovely spring polish. To me it has a hint of purple and a whole lot is sparkles which is fun. Formula was easy and over all great. 

Here we have a few more picture! I absolute love all of these fun sparkly polishes in macro pictures so I have been having a lot of fun photographing this line. :)

Lilac Blossom - Light purple Crelly base with blue shimmer and micro flakies, plus lavender, and purple iridescent glitters.

This one was also a 2 coater and I have to say this one is probably my favorite. This one on is just so fun! Crellys aren't usually something I love but this one I do. It has a fabulous formula and I feel like the bigger glitters spaces nicely. Plus I am loving the blue shimmer in it!

Such a fun polish! I see this one being good for all seasons honestly. :)

Coral Glow - Orange leaning pink holo crelly with red micro flakies and Orange holo glitters.

This one is a bit thin so it's 2-3 coats depending on how thick you do your coats and depending on how bold you white nail line is. I really like this corally color on however it photographs more orange so I am a bit bummed about that. It's very pretty in really life though! :)

I do love it's macro photo you really can see all the components that makeup the polish.

Queen Nectar - a light buttery yellow crelly packed with UCC Flakies, gold glitters in various sizes and gold micro glitters.

This one is again 2-3 coats depending on your coat thickness and how bold your nail line is. I love how in this one there is so much going on. It makes for such a fun look. Plus with a polish like this everytime you wear it, it will look different which is fun!

For some reason the super up close macro picture kind of got washed out so I am sorry about that. You can still see the variations in the polish that make it so fun though so that is good. :)

Warm Breeze - a light robins egg crelly with silver micro shreds, navy and real glitters

This one is right up there with Lilac Blossom for me. It has a nice formula, only needs 2 coats and it's such a fun color!

Plus it has a fun iridescence to is which makes it stand apart from the rest.

Egg Hunt - white holo crelly base with rainbow glitters and shreds.

This polish is 2-3 coats for the same reasons as the others that are 2-3 coats. I actually wore this one on Easter and oh my it's just perfect for Easter. It reminds me of the speckled Robins Egg Candy my mom would get. So super fun!

Look at that fun mix! Really it's perfect for Easter!

Spring Garden - a light yellow leaning green crelly with green, and dark blue glitters along with some iridescent shimmer.

Spring Garden is such a nice green crelly. It's really perfect for spring. Formula wise you need 2-3 coats but each are super easy make a fun build up. 

Love seeing it up close! Just so fun! Well that is all 7 polishes from the Spring has Sprung Collection by Pretty Beautiful. I do have one more picture for y'all tho that I thought I would add in for fun.

More macro pictures! Well I hope y'all have enjoyed these reviews and have decided what you want to get when these come out on April 1st at 1pm CST. Also be sure to keep up with Pretty Beautiful polish below....


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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