Purple Spring Flowers

Hey y'all! Welcome back so today for you I am going with another fun floral! :) Feels great to be doing florals. They are an all time favorite of mine for sure, florals that is! ;) 

First up I just recently bought China Glaze Lotus Begin which is a lovely light lavender yet still nice and vibrant! I am really liking this polish. 2 coats and easy to apply! I think in the future I may try it over white too! 

Here we have the official art look! I was doing these super late and I was tired and so I went with something quick and simple which happened to be these. I did the flowers with a Berry Wine Brush and acrylic paint. The glitter nail is China Glaze Brand Sparkin New Year.

The flowers look a lot harder than they actually are in reality. Just start with a small blob in the center and then paint layers of petals around the center.

Then add top coat and you are ready to go! Super simple and fun! You could easily do it an all of the nails but if you are worried about time this way is quick! :) well I hope y'all are having a lovely weekend!

Happy Painting!

25 Sweetpeas


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