Spring Floral Tribal

Hey y'all! Welcome back! So even though the past few days have been art those were done before I did all of that swatching so it feels like I haven't done real art in forever! I have missed it, and I'm so glad to have art for y'all today. 

So while I was on my art break you could call it I saw and fell in love with a mani by mvargas_nails via Instagram and it was the tribal/floral nail, and I well just love it! It mixes two of my favorite things so I just had to recreate as soon as I could and that ma what I did here! I actually only did one nail with her design just due to the fact I did them at midnight pretty much. They were so fun though!  

Polish wise the pink is Serendipity Pink Poinsettia , the white is OPI Alpine Snow, the black is Zoya Willa, and lastly that lovely sparkle is Serendipity Holo-day Lights. That glitter is like a go to of mine, I mean y'all have probably noticed it seems I use I at least once a week! Haha!!

So what do y'all think?! Also what do you guys want to see next week? Any certain Easter requests? Let me know below and I will get on them!:)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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