Snoopy's St. Patrick's Day

Hey y'all, so I am finally going to share the nails that I mentioned 2 times yesterday! As you probably can already see I did a St. Patrick's Day version of Snoopy! I did one for of him Thanksgiving last year which y'all can see here. Then when I was look at St Patrick's Day inspiration, Mr. Snoopy came up so I gave it a go! Now let's look up close!

Snoopy Nail Art

These were so hard and yet so fun at the same time. I moved his facial features 5 times and now I finally like him! Ha, well until I start really looking at him then I find more and more things I could of done better. That's just how it goes tho! We are all our own worst critics, and I can definitely be hard on myself.

Snoopy Nail Art

For my Snoopy nail I started with OPI Alpine Snow as my white base. After that I then watered down acrylic paints, and made stripes with the colors of the rainbow on the white. This part was super easy. Then then I let that dried and added the rest of the polishes on the other nails. The green is China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener, and the golden/bronze sparkle is Serendipity Starfish Tree Topper.

Snoopy Nail Art

I then carefully painted on Snoopy, which was very daunting. There is no specific spot to start at you just have to start and keep with it till the very last minute when you all the top coat because really top coat changes everything and in this case for the better. :)

Snoopy Nail Art

So what do you all think?! Do you like this little Snoopy as much as the Thanks Giving Snoopy? I really can't wait to hear what y'all think of these! Also if you have any certain St Patrick's Day nail art requests let me know below because that's what I'm working on next! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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