#ThemedThursdayNov Week 4 + Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today! One thing I am very thankful for this year is all of the support I have gotten while starting my blog this year! I would not be doing this with out you guys! This year so far has been crazy and I am getting to do some amazing things, some that never even crossed my mind when I started this blog! So thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever viewed my blog, liked a photo on Instagram, commented and chatted with me via social media, watched a YouTube tutorial of mine, you all have impacted this blog and I thank you for that!

Today as you can see I have Snoopy on my nails! A while back I saw ILikeToPaintMyNails on Instagram do a wonderful Snoopy and Charlie Brown mani and I was amazed at how much it looked like the real deal! Truly amazing and I was just like "how!". So I was trying to come up with some nails for the #ThemedThursdayNov Thanksgiving theme for today, and those nails came to my mind. Then I was like eh there is NO way on Earth I could pull that off! So I had come up with another idea and was talking to my brother and showed him the ones that were impossible and then told him what I was going to do instead. Yet he encouraged me to do the Snoopy ones though, and for some odd reason I did it! 

I really thought he was crazy for thinking I could do it all so I just did Snoopy and changed up the rest. It was a lot of fun to do and nerve wrecking at the same time! I now I have majorly chapped lips but I am sooooo happy I did it. Soon as I was done I went to him and said thank you for encouraging me because I really wasn't going to do them but I was so happy with how they turned out in the end! (See what I mean, support is so very important!)

They are by no means perfect but I am really proud of how they came out! I used my new Berry Wine Brushes from Winstonia and I tell ya, I do believe they have super powers! ;D Lol!! Polish wise my base is Zoya Liz. The details are acrylic paint, and the glittery dots are China Glaze Champagne Kisses

As you probably already know there is not a tutorial for this! Detailed designs like this are really hard to film! Maybe one day but not right now. :) Please let me know what you all thought of these, I really want to hear what you all think! 

Hope you are all having a lovely Thanksgiving, and enjoying good food and time with your loved ones! Now I think its time to see if I can have some pecan pie! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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    1. Thank you so very much! They were so daunting yet so much fun all at the same time! :)


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