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Hey y'all! Hope you are having a nice week this far! So today is Wednesday which a means it's time for Eyes 2 Nails! This week we are starting a bit of a different format. Beauty By Kmad recently started blogging along side her YouTube Channel so for our Eyes 2 Nails series we are going to start soon half and half posts! So on Wednesdays we will eat have our part of the Collab up on our blog and at the end of the post we will direct y'all to the next half of the post! :) Now enough talk I think it's time to see what this weeks look is all about!

Outfit photo form Melanies Instagram

This week we were inspired by this cute outfit put together by Melanie Pace a Florida Fashion blogger/stylist. We each love seeing the fun outfits she comes up with and posts on her Instagram and blog. This one in particular has a fun slightly edgy Spring look which made it a neat inspiration for this week.

Now polish wise I used Zoya Willa which is my go to black! Then the white is OPI Alpine Snow. The pink is one I actually recently reviewed which y'all can see here, and it is Serendipity Nail Polish Summer Sunnies. It's a lovely pink and I find that it works great with purples because it has a slight lavender undertone.

All of the art was freehanded as usual! These were actually sure fun to do and fairly easy. I would of filmed but honesty with the cold I have at the moment I don't think it would of turned out! :( I do hope to get back into tutorials when this pesky cold is gone!

Well I hope y'all have loved the nail half of this post it is now time for me to hand over the post to Beauty By Kmad because her makeup look is just lovely!!
~25 Sweetpeas 


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