Serendipity Nail Polish Beach Please! Minty Martini

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Hey y'all! So I'm back today with a super pretty swatch of another new Serendipity Polish so let's get to the picture and some out of the ordinary art! :)

First up here we have one coat of Minty Martini from the new Beach Please! collection. I am in love with this color! It's such a nice minty green, and the fact it's only one coat is just fabulous!

Now I obviously put this on last night, which was a very distracting night! I for the longest time thought it was Thursday last night and I was so excited for new music that comes out Friday. On top of that last night was Arrow night however I didn't get to watch it yet.... So I was slightly distracted by all of the spoilers on Twitter and then the snip it's of the new music I'm waiting for came out. So for art I did the logo for Before You Exit. Which also happens to be an Arrow! :D

They are releasing a new EP tomorrow called All the Lights and the Arrow with the 5 lines and the circle is the new logo for the band so I thought I would add it. In addition to that I added some glitter! That glitter is from Serendipity Nail Polish Coastal Christmas and it is Holo-day Lights which is an all time fave glitter of mine!

I am so so so excited about this perfect color with the perfect formula, and then the release of this EP which I have been waiting for since 2013!! Ahhh, so excited! Well I hope ya'll enjoyed this post! If you are interested in picking up this color you can at the Shop link below. Plus with any purchase you can use the promo code TOPCOAT and get a free top coat with your polish!


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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