Floral Dream Catcher

Hey y'all! Happy Weekend, hopefully you are having some nice spring like weather! The past few days here have been a bit dreary so to make up for that I have some super fun bright nails! Oh wow, as I just said we are having dreary weather it started to pour and I can hear the rain! Well I will say we do need the rain but I do miss the sunshine. It will come though! :) 

Today I have a super cute mani inspired by a floral dream catcher I saw on Pinterest here. It was just too cute to not try to turn into nails! Plus with it being time for Coachella it just seemed fitting! I love the boho chic look and I feel like this fits with that. Plus lately shopping I've been gravitating towards the fun flower headbands and flower crowns. Thinking I may need to go get my self a few to wear with a few new dresses! Oh and while I am off topic, did anyone else see the fun flower crown Snapchat filter yesterday? Ahh, I love it! That is probably my favorite one like ever! ;)

Now back to the topic of nails!! For these I started with a white base like you would a gradation and then I dotted 3 colors on to a wedge makeup sponge instead of putting stripes on the sponge. Just to get a more spotted sporadic look which I'm really liking at the moment! :) The 3 polishes I used were all China Glaze and they are Petal to the Metal, Spring in my Step , and Life is Beautiful. All of which you should be able to find on HB Beauty Bar. That is were I order most of my China Glazes from. Then after that I topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust which is like an essential polish for every nail polish lover! Now for the art I have a tutorial! Now voice over because I started coughing when it came time to put it all together so no voice this time!

Well hopefully that was helpful! I know it's not the best art but it was fun and simple for the most part! I mean all you really need for the art is Acrylic paint and a fine paint brush!

Now that is it for today's post! Hope y'all have a lovely rest of your day and I will see y'all back here tomorrow, with maybe another fun boho chic look! We will have to see!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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