Flower Power Nails

Hey y'all welcome to a new fresh week! Hopefully y'all had a lovely weekend! :) I had a super nice weekend nail art wise! I don't know why exactly but this I've just been on idea overload and well I love it! 

Today's nails are super fun and girly! Plus I have a tutorial for the floral nails because it's probably one of the easiest florals anyone can do!! :) I started last night nails knowing I wanted to attempt a Watermarble and I just went from there! :) the Watermarble isn't my best by any means but it's also not my worst so I'm happy about that! ;)

Now let's talk colors! The white is Zoya Snow White. The colors in the marble and in the flowers are Serendipity Nail Polish Vacation Vibes, Vitamin Sea, and Pink Poinsettia. The the sparkle nails is also a Serendipity Nail Polish and it is Sunshine Rainbow! The yellow and green are just acrylic paints! Now let's watch the tutorial!

Hopefully that was easy to follow! Also I realized after the fact that I forgot to mention the green and yellow acrylic paint! So you do need a little bit more than what I said in the video but in all honesty, you could leave out the green and be perfectly fine too!

Well that's it for today! Hope y'all have enjoyed this post and have a lovely rest of your day!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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