Monthly April Favorites

Well it's that time again where I wrap up the month wit ha few of my favorite things! I honestly can't believe April is over. Really, where in the world did April go? I have a different mix this month but it should be fun!

First up we have my new favorite hair accessory! This super cute Floral head band which can be found at H&M. So last year I remember going shopping and trying on a few similar one but at the time I though would I really wear that out? So I didn't get the "3D" floral ones. Last year I got some cute flat head bands. Well then a few weeks ago that flower crown filter showed up on Snapchat and well I will be honest, I love it! I know it's either a love or hate thing but I love the boho chic style so I was one of those loving it. Then later that week I was out shopping with my mum and my Nana and I tried on a few and kind of just fell more in love with the whole flower crown idea. Plus it was around the same time as Coachella and all of the fun fashion pics from that we're going around. So I was out earlier this week in that cute dress I posted on Wednesday and my outfit just need something and I happened to go into H&M and find this perfect one! It's so great because it doesn't lock you into any certain color. Plus you can wear it many ways. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be wear this along now! ;) Plus I'm still thinking about one I saw at Versona and I may just have to get it!

Next up we have this super bold pink lipstick. I got this lipstick a few months ago from a lovely friend and I love it! It's called Fuchsia Irrésistible (205) by Givenchy. I will say it is a bit shockingly bright at first but once you have it on for a bit it calms and looks amazing on! It dries a bit matte like however it's super creamy and feels so nice on! I love it, plus it lasts really nicely, and actually smells nice. Not usually something I notice with lipsticks but this one does smell nice. :) So thanks to my friend I have been introduced to this lovely lipstick, so thank ya so much again girly if you are reading this!

Now here we have probably one of my all time favorite eye shadows. This is Puppy Love by Colour Pop. It's amazing! I use it so much because it's such a good neutral and goes with so much! Plus I love that you can put it on top of anything and it will give a lovely iridescent look. It's been what I've been using pretty much everyday when I just want a neutral look, which probably means it's not going to last long and sadly you can't get this Colour Pop anymore. :( Puppy Love was a limited edition eye shadow and the super neat thy about it was all of the proceeds went to an Animal Charity. Hence the name Puppy Love. That alone made me want the get the shadow because I love puppies, and love being able to help them. Then the color was gorgeous so how could I not. 

Lastly my favorite recent polish purchase is China Glaze Bite Me which is amazing! It's a one coater pink/coral neon, and has shimmer. It's really bright too which I love bright! I just wrote a full post on this polish a week or so ago. Now to not repeat myself if you want to see a macro pic, more details and a full on swatch photo you can here.

It is the one I am holding in the photo! :) Also the glitter on it is another recent favorite of mine!! It is Serendipity Nail Polish Sunshine Rainbow a beautiful golden glitter! The art was done with gold acrylic paint, the neon, a dotter, and OPI Alpine Snow aka the white as my base for the dots.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed this post!! If you did let me know, also let me know what your favorite things were this month. If you missed the last two months you can catch up here...

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Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope y'all have a lovely rest of your day and I hope to see ya back here tomorrow!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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