Gold Dots and a Pineapple

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Hey y'all, and happy May! Today I'm going to start with a confession about something y'all may not know about me. Right now I have a weird obsession with gold dots and Pineapples. I'm not sure why honestly but I do! I love any type of paper things with them or fun decorative things with them! Not sure how this little obsession came to be but oh well I'm having fun with it! So today I have BOTH on my nails! Don't worry my other obsession, florals, will be back soon! ;)

Before I get into the details about these nails I would like to thank INM for sending me such a lovely gift. They recently reached out to a group of bloggers, including myself, who were victim to some not so nice things done by CND. Some of y'all may remember about a month ago I posted a lot of swatches for CND and some tutorials, yet then I took them down shortly after posting them due to an issue with CND. To not make this post super long if you haven't heard about the CND issue you can read about it here Kim over at the Polished Perspective put together a really great post about it and I think it's important for everyone to know what happened in that whole issue. Its safe to say I will not be supporting CND after what they did. That is just not ok. After all of the CND drama unfolded INM reached out to those of us who were apart of it and said they felt really bad that this happened to us and want to show their support for all nail bloggers, and by doing so they sent all of us that were involved a really nice package of nail goodies. So today's mani used 2 INM polishes!

The yellow is INM Hey Sunshine which is a pretty yellow. It's a bit thin and takes about 3 coats to get full coverage. Usually that's not something I like but the formula was nice and made those 3 coats super easy. :)  Plus this is actually my first true yellow polish so that is fun! Next the white is INM White Porcelain. It was really nice 1-2 coats depending on how thick you do your coats! :)

The gold dots and the pineapple were all done with acrylic paint and they were actually really easy! Maybe next time I do a pineapple I will film! This time I wasn't sure what I was doing! Last night I painted pretty late after having a great evening with family. :) Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! Please let me know what y'all thought, and if you have any requests let me know! I have a lot of fun new colors to share with you! Maybe even some no one knows about!! ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. So cuteeeee !!!! Love the bright yellow.

    1. Thank you so so much!! :) Ive never really used yellow polish before!!


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