Serendipity Nail Polish Beach Please! Vitamin Sea

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Hey y'all, and happy Sunday morning! I don't know why but I feel like I should always start Sunday morning posts by quoting Maroon 5 and say "Sunday Morning rain is falling" but ya know what. It's not always true so I don't but you know it always comes to mind haha!! Now moving on, because today I have a swatch, and art using Serendipity Nail Polish new beauty Vitamin Sea.

Vitamin Sea is a one coat wonder! The formula was wonderful, just such a great application. I mean I was like super excited about it. Haha, I love how nail polish can just make you happy and turn around a night. Along with some fun music oh and this polishes name! I mean Vitamin SEA how great is that!! Haha, I will say that's my fave version! ;)

Literally tho this is such a great polish! I am just super impressed! So when I review creme polishes it's much easier for me to do art so if the art on these swatches seem a bit detailed that's why. Cremes and art just mesh super well and these names are even a bit inspiring for art! ;)

Since the polish name has the word Sea in it I went nautical for this one! At first it was beach towel like then I got the idea for the anchor and went for it!

Even though straight lines are super daunting these were so satisfying to do and look semi straight! I was pretty happy with them! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you are interested in picking up this color you can at the Shop link below. Plus with any purchase you can use the promo code TOPCOAT and get a free top coat with your polish!


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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