Serendipity Nail Polish Beach Please! Sunshine Rainbow

Press Sample

Hey y'all, back to the regular week so I thought I would swatch up today of a super glittery polish from the new Beach Please! Line by Serendipity Nail Polish. So let's get to it! I'm sorry in advance if today's post seems a bit short but I haven't been feeling so great so glitter is just glitter today! :)

This is 2 brushed on coats of Sunshine Rainbow with nothing under besides a base coat. It could be worn as a topper and all you would need would be one coat, or if you didn't want to have it a topper and you didn't want to do 2 coats you could sponge it on. It's got a very nice mix of gold glitters and littler holo glitters! (Insert heart eyed emoji) 

This polish is just beautiful honestly! Can't wait to go out today and see it in the sunlight! I like just inside lighting made it distract me so outside light is bound to be distracting! ;) Haha!!

So what do you all think of this polish?! I'm really liking it and I'm sure I will be using it very often! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you are interested in picking up this color you can at the Shop link below. Plus with any purchase you can use the promo code TOPCOAT and get a free top coat with your polish!


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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