Simple Tribal

Hey y'all! Hope you are coming off of a good weekend. Our weather has been nice and I have been enjoying rewatching one of my old favorite shows. 

So this is 2 coats of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and it's so pretty and I'm pretty much obsessed with it. It's like a perfect turquoise and with a hint of shimmer.

It's really pretty am I right?! So as I mentioned earlier I am rewatching one of my old favorite shows, Hart of Dixie, and I am so wishing it was still on! Hey maybe Netflix will pick it up! ;) I never realized how much I missed it. Its even better watching it now because now I live in the South and the scenery and all actually look like it does here, and I pick up more on the Southern sayings and their actual meanings. :) Plus the clothes in the show are great for nail inspiration. I've done many nails inspired off of dresses worn in the show. Isn't it funny how you can already of watched the show and yet when rewatching it you still want to know what happens next even though you already know. Its so weird, and wow I am way off topic of nails SOO getting back to nails....

I took too many pictures of these apparently! So I did add some tribal like art on top inspired by LaLaLovenailart

Well actually the middle finger I just came up with and the other ones were inspired by LaLaLovenailart.

I'm not sure I love it but I don't hate it either soooo..... :) What do y'all think?! I just can't get over this color! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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