Jelly Fish Nails

Happy Sunday! So this weekend I guess I've just gone with a beachy/ocean theme which has been fun!! I think I need to do more nails like these past few days! They make me want to go watch Into the Blue, and Fools Gold! Haha!!

So this blue is the same one I used yesterday and it's called Vitamin Sea by Serendipity Nail Polish. It really is the perfect sea color so it was named wonderfully! Last night we had dinner on the Intracoastal waterway and I just felt like doing more nails to go with the scenery! We were super close to were the Intracoastal meets the ocean and in past times we've seen dolphins in that area! None last night but a beautiful sunset! :) I had never done jelly fish before so I thought that would be fun and then I decided the look needed some coral and some sea urchins.

These obviously aren't the best jelly fish but for my first attempt with jelly fish I am pretty happy! It was so fun looking up photos for inspiration because Jelly Fish can be so pretty. So many colors and the way some glow and all is just so neat to see. Underwater creatures are so neat and the colors are just so vibrant! I love seeing pictures of coral reefs and sea creatures. :) Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post. I know I had so much fun doing these and writing this post actually. :) I would love suggestions as for what y'all would like to see on here this week. Shall I keep up the beachy summery theme? 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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