Monthly May Favorites

Hello there guys!! So believe it or not it's the end of May which is crazy because it seems like it just started!!! Anywhoooo, that all being said means it's time for my monthly favorites!

First up is one of my new favorite lip products! This is a Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX called Istanbul and on the lop of it it's labeled SMLC 06 so I guess it's labeled 2 different ways! Any way so I had been looking for a good everyday liquid lip that would be close to the same color as my favorite Essences lipstick that I had written about a few months ago. I just wanted something a bit more pigmented and something that would last a bit longer and well this is it! I am seriously loving it! It's super soft and when you actually have it on you don't really feel it. It's one of those that that takes a bit to dry and become matte on but once it dries it will last for sure. It has a bit of a sweet scent which when I opened it and notice that I will be honest I wasn't so sure about because usually that mean I'm going to end up kicking it off like Chapstick. 😂 However that hasn't been an issue. Another great
thing is this liquid lip doesn't require haveing a lip liner. No bleeding has or tired and I've worn it almost everyday for a week and a half now, so no issues there. Also when it's on its on. It doesn't leave lipstick marks on saw your straw or your food or anything you bump so that is just fabulous! Also I've found that if it's been on for a long time and you want to add Chapstick on top, you can!! It stays looking the same, and it doesn't transfer on to your lipstick. :) Overall I am super impressed with this liquid lip. Plus this is the first NYX product I've used and in happy with it so I think I may just have to try more. This one retails for $5.99 (at least at Target) so it's $6 something with tax which isn't bad when you consider a Colourpop one is $6 and $5 shipping, granted your probably ordering more than one thing on Colourpop, but this is definitely a good buy if you want something instantly.

Next up this month I've really been loving this correcting pen I was sent from INM. It's perfect for really quick clean up especially when you need to get really close to your cuticle or if a polish was watery and has pooled on the side and your need a quick fix. This is great and I was honestly really surprised I liked it, but it's turned out to be a new favorite. Also what I think is cool is that it came with 3 extra tips so once you've used one up you can change it out and start fresh and not waste the rest of the pen.

Now my favorite new polish this month would have to be Takko Lacquer So Fresh, So Clean which if your missed its original post you can see it here. It's just the perfect bright yet light minty summer color. It's formula is great and it looks great on. I really love it and keep coming back to use it again. :) Also I love the fact that it's going to be in the main line that she is going to try and keep in stock with every restock. 😃

For the art, because you know my love for florals, I did another floral with it that was actually super simple. I've seen this pattern on everything from fabric to dishes to nails. I for some reason had always been intimidated by it and now after doing it I'm not sure why because it was super simple and easy!

Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post, and have maybe found out about something new. :) I would love to hear what your favorite thing was this month so if you have one or if you have an favorite NYX products you would recommend I would love to hear about them in the comments below or on Twitter! Wherever you would like to chat would be super fun. 😃 Well I hope y'all have a lovely rest of your day and I will see you back here tomorrow, thanks so much for stopping by!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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