Simple Pink Floral

Hello there loves and Happy Memorial Day, which sadly when I planned this post I was not thinking of today being Memorial Day at all so therefore sadly I have nothing special to share with y'all for the special day. However I do have a swatch and some quick art, ya know the type you do when you are painting at 1 am because you've been busy all day and are too tired to do anything super complicated.

First off here is one coat of Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine which is a lovely shade I would describe it as a grapey magenta. It does have some pink and purple to it which makes it a really nice unique color. My mom has had it for awhile and I just realized I had never swatched it so I thought oh why not!

It's formula was really nice and went on super well. Overall I'm just really impressed with it, it was a breeze to work with. :)

As I needed quick simple art due to timing last night I went with a floral which is a bit similar to one from last week yet different too. All of the details were done with acrylic paint. The accent nail has Icings Sugar Coated in it which is a bit like fairy dust but has much more concentrated glitter. :)

I really do like this color combo and think it's really just fun! Hope y'all have liked it an enjoyed it. :) If y'all have any requests for art for the next few weeks let me know in the comments below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. Great flower shop around here! Nice selection including some varieties not usually available at other places (ranunculus, hyacinth, curly willow, etc.) The San Francisco Florist was super friendly and helpful, selecting the best stems and putting together a really beautiful bouquet.


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