Fireworks & Stripes

Hello there! So today I have a fun Fourth of July inspired post! Actually did design was inspired by a Lilly Pulitzer print, however it really looks nothing like it! Also do have a tutorial to go with it! Sadly I had some technical difficulties last night and that means it won't be on YouTube but it will be on Instagram today! So enough to about all of that and on to the photos! ;)

So for this main I used a total of 3 polishes and then the rest is acrylic paint! The red polish is Emma Jean Sweet Love, the blue polish is Emma Jean Blueberry Tart, and the sparkle is Pretty Beautiful Proud & Free! :) All of which perfectly together for the whole patriotic vibe! ;) Then all of the art was free handed! The stripes are supposed to be wavy, at least that's how they were in the print I was inspired by so that takes away the stress of straight line which is really nice! :)

These were really simple to do actually! You could do it with other color combos or layout meaning you could did the pattern as just an accent or you could do them all and it would look good either way! ;) Overall it's just a fun look! I really wished the YouTube video had worked out but for some reason it didn't. So be sure to go check out the IG tutorial tonight! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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