Patriotic Floral Nails + Tutorial

Hello there loves! Hope you are having a good day so far! Today I have a fun patriotic themed florals for the upcoming 4th of July! I'm not sure exactly why, but I love doing patriotic nails! They are just fun! It's almost like how I love to do Christmas nails! Which I LOVE those so this next week up till the 4th of July shall be fun! :) Today's nails are based off some super cute 4th of July stickers from Target that I am using in my planner currently! 

First up here is the full look that I am obsessed with at the moment! Like really I love these so so much! I've been waiting to do them for about a month now too! :D So needless to say I'm very happy I finally did them. :) My base color is Serendipity Big Red Bow which has to be my favorite red. I mean how can you beat one coat and no staining... Oh that's right! You can't! Haha! ;) Seriously though if you are still looking for the perfect red I would highly suggest this one!! It's only $6 too which makes it even more fabulous! :) 

These nails were really simple to which is great! Plus you could do this design with any layout! It would look good as just an accent nail with a solid and a glitter! :) Plus I feel like it would go with many patriotic outfits! I know it would look so cute with my navy polka dot dress!  Anyway... Guess what?! Technology kinda worked with my after a countless number of trying yesterday and I have a YouTube Video up today to go with it which I am excited about! I didn't do a voice over because sometimes I find them distracting so I decided just to go with a background music via YouTube and leave it at that! I hope y'all enjoy it! :)

See what I mean though? That was pretty easy to do right? Just a red polish, acrylic paint and some paint Brushes! :)

Well that's it for today loves! Hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have! I am now excited to post the IG version of the tutorial because I love the song I chose for it! ;) Also I don't know if you noticed but on a few of the photos I used a different back drop! Would love to hear what y'all think of it and if you think I should continue with it or go back to the plain white? I'm slightly thinking it may just depend on the colors I have on at the moment! Anyways, let me know below, and have a wonderful rest of your day! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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