Little Mermaid Inspired Nail Art

Hey y'all!! Wow, it's Thursday?! Where in the world has this week gone! I really don't want it to be this close to the end I have too much to do! :( Oh well, I am pretty excited about the nails I am sharing with y'all today! So let's get into it! :)

Today I have Little Mermaid nails, and I am actually happy with how they turned out. They are not perfect, and yet I'm ok with that! I was originally thinking I could do this with silhouettes but when I got to that part it just didn't feel right. So I started outlining the characters, and just went from there. Also I didn't make my self put a face on them. Faces have never been my thing in any type of art and they always intimidate me so I just didn't stress about it and I just left the details of the face very vague. I think that is probably one of the best things I did with this look just due to the fact I didn't let that little part bother me.

These were really actually fun to do! It was so fun to do one part and then start on another and see it all together! Last night I was even so excited about it I was sharing it on Snapchat early for y'all to get a glimpse. For those of you who aren't on Snapchat I did document the process a bit with photos and have put them together just so y'all can kinda see how it all comes together.

Obviously I didn't take a photo for every step but it's still fun to see in my option! What do y'all think? Do you like seeing these behind the scene pics?

The color for the background of this whole main was Zoya Ling which is a lovely blue that apparently works great for a night sky! The details were all then done with acrylic paint and Winstonia Berry Wine Brushes. Then I topped it all with a shiny top coat and I was done. :) I really hope y'all have enjoyed these and the risk I took on yesterday's nails as well. If you missed my daring nails yesterday you can check them out here. Thanks so much for reading and supporting me while I try some new to me things! It's been fun trying things out of my comfort zone these few days! If there is anything else y'all would want to see let me know in the comments below. ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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