Under the Sea Zentangled Mermaid Nail Art

Hello there lovelies! So I'm pretty excited about today's post! I tried something I hadn't seen done before on nails which is pretty neat! Plus I'm happy with how they turned out. This week has just been a really fun nail art week! I've been trying all types of new things and it's so great to be having fun exploring new things.

First up the idea behind these nails! First off Zentangle art is fascinating. Plus I'm sure you've all noticed the coloring book invasion in all of the stores and I do have the day the sea ones are just beat. Plus I love seeing zentangle ones. So that's how I came up with the sea zentangle theme. I was asking my mum for some ideas and she suggested a mermaid tail, which I was liking the idea. However I didn't really feel like doing just a simple mermaid scale mani because I did that not too terribly long ago, plus with the other art ive don't this week I wanted to once again try something new. So I put those ideas together and came up with this. I typically like the B&W zentangle but I thought this would be fun with a watercolor background. 

I started with a white base and then used water downed acrylic paints for the back ground. Then I painted on all of the details with black acrylic paint. I also added some sparkle into the mermaid take. Sadly you really can't see it in the photos but I promise it is there.

Here you can see it a bit and it is what I am holding! It is Takko Lacquer Dances with Unicorns

Well I had a lot of fun with these and I am happy with the outcome because I haven't seen any nails like this before honestly. Plus it's sometimes nice to just create something of my own. :) I  really hope y'all like them and have enjoyed this post! Also to any of those who want to try something crazy on their nails I say go for it! This week I played a lot with things I don't typically so and its been a blast. I learned that I can do more that I had thought which is a great feeling! All I did was turn on a CD and just go for it. This week I've had Dan + Shays new CD Obsessed on repeat for everything I've done and it's been fabulous! It's a great CD and happy and I guess this week made me distracted while painting so I didn't get in my head to much. Now maybe if you are looking for some new music to paint too you could check out the one i just mentioned! I'm not a country music fan yet I love them. Honestly they aren't all that country sounding sound wise any ways which I love. It's just great music! Anyway... Hope y'all have loved today post and I hope you go out and try some nail art you've always wanted too! If you do you should come back and tell me about it or tweet me a picture!! :)

Happy Painting!!

~25 Sweetpeas 

I'm @25Sweetpeas on Twitter ;)


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