Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid & Nail Art

Partial Press Sample

Hello there lovelies, happy weekend! First I am super excited about this post because it's kind of my first full out makeup review. I've been wanting to branch out and get into blogging about other beauty things which is why I started my Monthly Favorites, and now here today I will be reviewing a few new lip products from Maybelline and then I will have some fun art to go with!

Above we have 2 pictures of the same exact things. The first photo is just in natural daylight and the next is with flash. The pink one is 10 Nude Flush and the orange red is 35 Rebel Red.

The pink one 10 Nude Flush I am liking! It's a great neutral everyday color for summer for sure! I know I have been on a quest for a good everyday like pink. This one does have a hint of peach in it but it's really a great everyday color. Formula wise it's not all that pigmented. You definitely need a mirror to apply this to make sure you get it all applied evenly. It's a matte lip supposedly however mine took forever to dry and I don't think all of it ever dried. The inside of my lip did but not the outsides. Also I found it really creamy. So I would not really consider this matte, maybe satin, but honestly I have a Colourpop Satin and it's more Matte than this was. I do however love this color, and I will wear it for when I just want lipstick one. 

35 Rebel Red is a bit different than the pink. This color is definitely bright and bold. I was expecting a deeper red like the ones I wear in the winter and in the fall, however this is a night red orange. For me personally with a paler skintone I don't really feel like I could pull this color off. It's nice just not on my skin tone. Formula wise this one is much more pigmented than the pink. That being said tho it takes an hour + to start to dry and even by then it's starting to wear off from just everyday things. It felt more like I was wear a bold colored lip gloss than it felt like a liquid matte lip. So I wasn't a huge fan of this one.

Now since this post was centered around the lippies I thought it would be fun to do some nail art that I would do in conjunction with the lip products! So I got this idea... What if I could paint a face but have the face hidden yet have the lips stick out. So that's what I attempted.

I almost talked myself out of doing this design last night. I have been so happy with the nails I've done this week so I was afraid last night was going to be my breaking point or something silly like that. Turns out it wasn't. Thanks goodness!! I actually had a lot of fun putting this design together because it is just so different from anything I've ever done before. Daunting, scary and fun! Plus I am actually pretty proud of how they turned out! Ha, if y'all were on Twitter last night this design is what I was referring too here...

They were really fun, and I am so glad I didn't talk myself out of them because I am really happy with the outcome. The girl and all of those details were done with acrylic paint and free handed with a few different Berry Wine Brushes. 

The white polish is INM White Porcelain, the pink Sparkles are Zoya Ginni , and the pink creme is Serendipity Pink Poinsettias. Super fun color combo! Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post as much as I have! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also have you used any of these Vivid Matte Liquids? What were your thoughts on them?

~25 Sweetpeas ❤️

*** The Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids were recieved for free for an honest review of my own personal opinions


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