Hibiscus Nail Art + Mani Swap

Hey y'all, hope you've been having a nice weekend. It's been pretty here, but I think we are in for some rain over the next few days. Today I have a mani swap I did with the talented Little Canvas who is no stranger here! :) Love doing collabs with her, they are always so fun! 

First up we have our collab photo! Originals are in the left and the recreations are on the right! :) Alaina's turned out fabulously, and well they are so stinking cute!! Haha! Mine however are ok if I don't compare them to hers. My colors and placement was just so off. Ugh, maybe another time they will look more like hers! 

My base color is China Glaze At Vase Value which is a lovely summery blue! It's one of my faves by CG! However last night when using it the formula was goopy and just not what I remembered it being. :( Looks like it's going to turn into a gradation only polish.

The art was done with acrylic paint and a few different brushes. Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! :) I will see y'all back here tomorrow! Be sure to head to The Little Canvas site here to check out all of the details on her mani!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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