Pretty Beautiful Is My Tongue Purple Yet?

Hello there lovelies! Hope you are having a wonderful morning and had a nice weekend! As I am writing this I just got a notification saying we are under a Tropical Storm Warning! Interesting, news! Haha, guess tropical storm Colin wants to hang out here. So today I have a fun polish to share with y'all!!

Here is the first look at a brand new polish by Pretty Beautiful Polish and it's lovely! It's a purple holo that I would love to see in direct sunlight but thanks to the storm I probably won't be seeing that! Haha!! So this beauty I actually got to name! The wonderful creator was working on this Frosting & Sprinkles line and wanted name suggestions, so there were so many name ideas for each and the one I suggested Is My Tongue Purple Yet? Was chosen for this one. How fun is that, because since she picked my suggestion she also sent me the polish!❤️❤️ So nice of her!

I picked the name Is my Tongue Purple Yet? Because when ever we have a colored frosting we all end up sticking our tongues out asking if they have changed colors yet so I thought it was fun and fitting! Hahaha!! 

The formula was fabulous and it only needed two coats, plus it dried fast which was just a win win in my opinion!

It's one of those polishes that really needs no art. However, I'm currently obsessed with dots! So I added some silver dots!

Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! This polish will be releasing June 10th! You can keep up with Pretty Beautiful here...


To all of those in the line of Tropical Storm Colin, I hope y'all stay safe! I am on the East coast of Florida and we are expecting a lot of rain and we aren't even the side of the state the storm is coming in on. So West Coast Florida hope you guys stay safe and indoors! Flooding, lighting and strong winds aren't always fun so hope it all goes through with out much damage. ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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