A Maze & A Floral

Hey y'all, hope you are having a nice day! Today I have done a different floral mani inspired by Chelsea Queen so let's get to the nails! :)

Today for my base I used Shery' Nail Lacquer Lillie which is a really nice white. After that I just free handed the design with acrylic paint. :) Even tho there are a lot of details they were so so fun to do!❤️ I enjoyed painting them for sure. I love seeing detailed manis like this come together as you keep adding in new parts. 🙂

You could do this with many different color combos! You could even change the base color and it could look completely different and yet really neat and unique! Hummm, why didn't I think of that idea before I painted them! Hahaha!!

Before I end this post I just want to say I can't believe what happened yesterday in Nice. Seems as if these terrible events just keep on becoming more frequent which is terrifying. My thoughts and prayer are with the world right now, so many scary events that are truly saddening and unbelievable. I hope you all stay safe, and I will see y'all back here tomorrow.

Stay Safe!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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